‘TEMPLE OF DOOM’: Picture captures heart-stopping moment visitors put their lives in danger at Mussenden Temple

NORTH COAST PHEW...Coleraine Coastguard issued this photo which appeared to show someone putting their life in peril for a photo.

THIS was the heart-stopping moment the Mussenden Temple on the north coast almost became the ‘Temple of Doom’.

Coleraine Coastguard warned sight-seers not to put themselves at risk.

They spoke out after publishing a photo of people close to the edge of a 150ft drop at the popular tourist attraction.

A Coastguard spokesperson said: “This picture was sent to us this afternoon showing people climbing round the outside of the Mussenden Temple at Downhill. This is perched on the edge of a 150 foot cliff.

“Please refrain from any activity that will put yourself in danger. It’s not worth losing your life for a photo.

“If you see anyone in difficulty on cliffs or around the coast, dial 999 COASTGUARD.’

The public quickly reacted on social media, with one saying: ‘Spare a thought for the lives of those who have to come rescue you after your idiotic actions’.

Another said:’Total lack of common sense’.

A further comment was: ‘You can’t teach stupid’.

One person who viewed the photo said: “We are fortunate the Mussenden Temple did not become the Temple of Doom”.

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