Three theatre nurses test positive for COVID-19 in Northern Trust with 30 others self isolating

Antrim Area Hospital

THREE theatre nurses from the Northern Trust have been forced to self isolate, with 30 others quarantining.

The outbreak, which is across Antrim Area Hospital and Mid Ulster Hospital, did not lead to any operations being cancelled.

In a statement, a Trust spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we have an outbreak involving theatre nurses who work across two sites – Antrim Area Hospital and Mid Ulster Hospital.

“Three nurses have tested positive for COVID-19 and as a precautionary measure, we have directed 30 others to self-isolate as a result of potential exposure. It is anticipated that these nurses will begin to return to work this week.

“The nature of their work dictates that theatre nurses will be wearing full PPE whilst carrying out their clinical duties and we are confident that there have been no breaches in this regard.

“Therefore, staff to patient transmission is not a concern and no surgical operations were cancelled as a result of this outbreak.

“Our staff are also members of the community, with children and families of their own.

“We believe that due to the high levels of community transmission currently, there is a strong likelihood that the index case resulted from community transmission of the virus and once again, this highlights the need for absolute vigilance and adherence to the rules in relation to effective social distancing, hand hygiene and the wearing of face coverings.”

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