Training consultancy delivers bespoke training programmes to IRFU and Ulster Rugby

Square Box Training Consultancy is working with IRFU and Ulster Rugby to deliver a variety of training programmes across both organisations. Pictured from left to right is Ulster Rugby CEO, Johnny Petrie, Square Box founder Harry Harpur and Bryn Cunningham, Operations Director at Ulster Rugby.

COUNTY Antrim Training Consultancy, Square Box, is top of the league following the signing of new contracts with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) and Ulster Rugby, as both organisations aim to become the best in their field in the coming years.

Square Box has been working with the IRFU since 2017, creating bespoke training programmes for the organisation across various different levels, from staff to director level.

IRFU originally contracted Square Box to develop one management programme but due to the successful results the organisation experienced, the training consultancy was once again contracted to develop further programmes.

This includes a new Culture programme, which will be delivered across the organisation in 2020, ensuring employees are aligned with the organisations’ culture and values and are performing to their highest ability.

Founder of Square Box, Harry Harpur, spoke about the company’s work with the IRFU which delivers bespoke training across the four provinces.

Harry said: “Our trainers, known as boxers, have been working with the IRFU for some 18 months delivering a development programme. Following excellent feedback and dynamic results, we have now signed a further 18-month contract to deliver a culture programme which encapsulates values and balances and encompasses all of the staff at IRFU.”

Aileen Bailey, HR Director at IRFU said: “I was looking for a Management Development Programme that would give the management team the skills and the confidence to manage their staff, as well as allowing them to develop within their roles.

“Square Box offered something a little different than other training providers. I wanted something that would get the office chatting and that is exactly what happened. Square Box training is not death by PowerPoint, it is full of stories that incorporate useful models that need to be used daily by managers and staff alike. Staff are using the language and models that they learnt on the course and to me, that proves that it was a success for us.”

In addition to Square Box’s work with the IRFU, the company has now also started training with Ulster Rugby to deliver a variety of programmes to the director, senior management and staff teams.

Speaking about his experience of working with Square Box, Johnny Petrie, CEO of Ulster Rugby said: “We have been working with Harry and the team at Square Box to help our Senior Management team, including myself, get to grips with our business plan, as well as gaining a better understanding of how we should work together to drive the club forward in the coming years.

“I found that Square Box’s direct methods and their style of working were well aligned with our own and we have made great strides as a result of the sessions we have held with Square Box to date. The company has also started working with our staff teams and we are looking forward to seeing how that training is implemented within the organisation.”

The workshops delivered by Square Box to both organisations include team dynamics, time management, people and performance management, leadership skills, strategic implementation and communication.


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