Trampoline spotted in cemetery after Storm Ellen blitzes Ballymena

Storm Ellen was blamed for blowing a trampoline into Ballymena Cemetery. Picture: Trevor Peacock.

AN unusual sight greeted visitors to Ballymena Cemetery on Thursday … a trampoline.

It is believed forceful winds whipped up by Storm Ellen were responsible for blowing the trampoline from a nearby residential area over a high wall into the cemetery at the Cushendall Road.

The trampoline was deposited in the cemetery at Cushendall Road. Picture: Trevor Peacock.


Trevor Peacock told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “I was just out walking our dog in the graveyard around 11 when another dog walker happened to mention it.

“I thought she was joking. I believe it possibly came from the houses in Waveney Brow.

“I didn’t see any damage to graves, thankfully.

“I did come past it around lunch time and it was away,” added Trevor.

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