Truck driver may lose sight in one eye after wheelie bin attack in Mid & East Antrim

Fra McCaffrey's horrific injuries.

THE family of a driver whose lorry was hit by a rock-filled wheelie bin dropped from a bridge on a dual-carriageway in Mid & East Antrim fear the attack may leave him blind in one eye.

Fra McCaffrey was driving to Larne around 10.30pm on Friday January 8 when the bin was thrown onto the A8 at the Ballyboley junction.

He has since had two operations to remove shattered windscreen glass from his eyes and faces “a long road” to recovery, his son Dan said.

The incident happened at this bridge. Picture: Google Maps.


“I’m sure he is acting strong, that he is being a dad, being strong and putting on a brave face but deep down you can tell it is definitely hurting him,” he told BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme.

“More or less, he has been basically told it is very, very likely his eyesight is gone.

“They can’t say 100% it’s definitely gone, but they’ve basically told him he will never drive lorries or HGVS again.”

The damaged lorry.


Mr McCaffrey, aged 56, had been driving under the Ballyboley overpass when the bin was thrown at his lorry.

Its windscreen shattered upon impact.

Mr McCaffrey’s other eye is unharmed, his son said.

Dan said “amazingly” his dad had somehow managed to bring the lorry to a stop on the roadside and flag down help.

“He managed to be able to see something like a light coming that he sort of waved down,” he said.

A young passing driver came to his aid and raised the alarm.

Mr McCaffrey has been praised by police for “miraculously” bringing the lorry to a stop following the moment of impact.

PSNI Supt Michael Simpson said the “disgraceful and reckless” attack could have resulted in “multiple fatalities”.

He said attempted murder “is one of those charges we are considering”.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward and can be contacted on 101 quoting reference number 1944 of 08/01/2021 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.

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