Twelve week wait for street light repairs is ‘outrageous’ – Allister

NORTH Antrim TUV Assemblyman Jim Allister says a twelve week wait to repair street lights is ‘outrageous’.

Mr Allister said: “Having uncovered the scale of the problem of faulty street lighting, that there are almost 4,000 outages in the Northern Division alone, it is hardly surprising that people are frustrated by what appears to be a lack of action in repairing them.

“I have been advised by the Minister that for non-hazardous outages, repairs on average are taking 11-12 weeks. That is outrageous!

“In addition, I have been advised that there has been only one street lighting electrician available to carry out repairs in Northern Division, but he was also needed in other areas.

“While I welcome that additional funding has now been secured to fix broken street lights as well as repairing pot holes, it is simply unacceptable that it has been allowed to get in this state in the first place.”

Bannside TUV councillor Timothy Gaston added: “Day and daily I receive reports of street light outages from my constituents, and the most common complaint is that they are not fixed in a timely manner. Far from it, many report excessive delays in actioning repairs.

“Particularly in the winter months it is essential that street light maintenance is given a higher priority than it appears to have been. The lack of resource allocated to fixing these faults speaks volumes.

“I welcome the additional funding, and hope an ongoing allocation of resource is given to this area.”

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