Under fire Council pledges to keep residents fully informed of planned new waste collection system

The current 240 litre black bin in use in the Ballymena area.

COUNCIL chiefs have pledged to keep residents fully informed of controversial proposals regarding bins.

There has been much criticism of the plans which would see a triple stack bin system and also see the current black bin reduced in size by a quarter.

A Council spokesperson, in a press release on Friday afternoon, thanked everyone for their feedback on the proposal to “streamline our waste collection service with a new Triple Stack Bin system”, which is subject to funding from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

If funding is approved, the new system would take around 18 months to two years to roll out, and would result in less waste going to landfill, meaning more money for services within our community, the spokesperson said.

Dependent on approval, the Triple Stack Bins will be introduced in all Council areas, meaning Ballymena and Carrickfergus residents will see their collections changed from the current box system to a wheeled triple stack system.

Larne residents will move from having their blue bin lifted once a fortnight, to the new weekly wheeled triple stack system, which will result in an increase in the overall capacity for waste disposal and a higher quality recyclate which can be used by Northern Ireland manufacturing companies, the Council spokesperson said.

Mayor, Cllr Peter Johnston, said the proposed new waste collection will help to create a healthier, more sustainable local environment for all.

“The overall effect of the proposed new system will be an increase in the amount of space available for householders to dispose of their waste, and that is very positive news”, the Mayor continued.

“Under this proposed new system of recycling, Council is leading the way in meeting the stringent requirements for reducing landfill waste and creating a circular economy.

“Better recycling means less waste going to landfill – and by doing that we will be protecting our environment and saving money, which can then be used for services within our community.

“Council is seeking funding to introduce a new weekly wheeled box system, which will offer householders a third more capacity to dispose of their recycling, replacing the current recycling boxes and blue bins.

“People will be kept fully informed of how the proposal is progressing, at every stage of the process.

“This proposed new system would offer an improved service and allow all the waste collected to be reused in Northern Ireland, cutting costs and safeguarding our environment.

“I would like thank all our residents for their continued recycling efforts, which have placed Mid and East Antrim as one of Northern Ireland’s top areas for recycling.”

Further discussions will take place through Group Party Leaders on the strategic way forward and a report will be presented to Council in due course, the Council spokesperson said.

In their press release the Council said Mid and East Antrim “is continuing to lead the way in recycling as one of the top performing council areas in Northern Ireland – and that’s thanks to you, our residents!”

The media release said the Council’s Waste Services and Environmental Health teams would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all those who are helping them meet recycling targets, reduce waste and “protect our beautiful borough”.


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