Vandals cause more damage at the Galgorm Castle Fairy Trail

Damage at the Fairy Trail at Galgorm Castle.

Vandals have struck again at the Galgorm Castle Fairy Trail.

The latest incident follows a similar incident at the venue in recent weeks.

On Monday, Galgorm Castle Fairy Trail said: “Once again we have had the return of unwanted visitors to the trail.

“This time they have decided to cause substantial damage to the wooden doors leading through the library.

“If anyone has seen anything social media or knows anything about those who would have done this please contact PSNI Ballymena Ref number: 301/15/04/2019

“The individuals involved, had a Chinese then washed down with cans of Boost then took out their frustration on the trail. Please feel free to share this, as this time we will be taking action.”

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