Video: George the goose which was attacked at the People’s Park has recovered and has been released back into the water

George has recovered.

George the goose who captured the hearts of the public in Ballymena and beyond – is back home.

He had been attacked at the People’s Park and after being nursed back to health with the help of Fenaghy Vets in Ballymena he is back swimming in the lake.

Fenaghy Vets said: ‘George the goose who was attacked at the People’s Park has now been released back to his friends after treatment under our care! Thank-you to the public for your messages and phone calls with concerns’.

The People’s Park is owned by Mid & East Antrim Borough Council and a spokesperson told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “We’re delighted George is on the mend and commend everybody involved in his recovery. We would encourage anybody with information regarding the incident during which the goose was injured to contact the PSNI.”

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