Video: Police reveal people who travelled more than 50 miles to walk and fish in the Glens were sent home during coronavirus lockdown

Torr Head

PEOPLE who travelled more than 50 miles to visit the Glens were told to go home after being rumbled by the PSNI.

The police revealed that in recent days people from Portadown who were in Waterfoot for a spot of fishing and members of the public from Clogher in County Tyrone – in Torr Head for a walk -were asked to leave.

The crackdown is because of lockdown rules as part of the coronavirus pandemic which in which people are only allowed out for necessary trips like getting groceries.

Police were speaking in a video taken at a ‘coronavirus checkpoint’ on the A26 near Cloughmills on Friday where said they would turn away anyone who was seeking to travel to the north coast for Easter without a good reason.

Note: There is no suggestion that any vehicle seen in the video was not on the road for a legitimate reason.

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