Watch: Billy O’Kane reflects on worldwide fame of being the farmer who took a break from checking his cattle to view the Irish Open golf at Galgorm Castle

Billy O'Kane spoke to the BBC.

BILLY O’Kane has been reflecting on his new found worldwide fame after TV cameras pictured him taking a break from checking his cattle to settle down in a field and watch the Irish Open golf tournament at Galgorm Castle.

The local man knew the field would give him a front row seat of the golfing action so with the sun shining he came prepared with a deck chair and flask of tea on Saturday afternoon.

Fans were not allowed on the course but the nearby field gave a good view so Billy decided to settle down to watch some of the Irish Open golf tournament which was taking place across the river.


His cattle surrounded him and the spectacle did not go unnoticed by the TV cameras.

Billy’s unusual vantage point meant his face was beamed into homes around the world and his appearance also went viral on social media.

Billy told the BBC: “I really decided to go and check the cows, and I also knew there wasn’t many people that could go and watch the golf and I could watch it across the river.

“So I took a deck chair and a flask of tea and sat down and watched five or six groups. The sun was shining and I really really enjoyed it.

“They’re really good players, much better than me…absolutely front row seat with the cows in the background.”

He described his own golf as “agricultural”!

Asked what the reaction was to his tv appearance he replied: “My phone wasn’t working very well yesterday, and also people of my age aren’t particularly good on social media, but my children tell me there’s been quite a lot.”






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