Watch: Seagulls swoop on Ballymena ‘in large numbers because of coronavirus pandemic’

SEA CHANGE? ... Have you noticed more seagulls in Ballymena?

SEAGULLS are swooping on Ballymena in larger numbers than ever with one theory that the lack of people eating things like chips at the coast because of the coronavirus pandemic is driving the notorious scavengers inland in search of food.

The shrill squak of the gulls has been increasingly heard in Ballymena in recent days.

WINGING IT…Seagulls on top of a house in Ballymena on Wednesday.


One householder said: “Ballymena is at least 15 miles inland and on occasions you do see the odd seagull but recently it seems as if their numbers have dramatically increased.


“There is a theory that they are not getting as much food at the coast as people are not out and about eating things like chips because of the coronavirus lockdown so the gulls are raiding further inland.”

BLUE SKY THINKING… Have the gulls been driven inland in larger numbers due to coronavirus?


A spokesperson for Mid & East Antrim Borough Council told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “Council have received no reports of an influx of seagulls in the Borough”.




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