Watch: TV presenter was almost the ‘Maine Man’ during Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort segment!

SNOW JOKE...Andi appears to take a slip near the fast flowing River Maine.

TV presenter Andi Peters appeared to almost slip into the fast flowing River Maine during a segment from Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort this week.

His tumble happened on live TV  during wintry conditions on the banks of the river which hugs the grounds of the top hotel.

Andi (49) was covering a weather segment for Good Morning Britain.

SLIP UP … The incident was captured live on TV.


The broadcaster appeared via a video link to Ben Shepherd and Susanna Reid in the studio back in London as he stepped out in falling snow in Galgorm.

The setting looked cold and wet, but also beautiful, as Susanna remarked it looked like he’d been CGI’d into the scene.

Speaking to the presenters, Andi said: “Can you see how amazing this river is? This whole thing is amazing, this beautiful part of the world.”

Just before the fall, Ben said: “Andi really wants us to stop so he can go inside”.

Andi then mocked himself walking into the river before turning round to the camera and slipping on the snow towards the camera.

A shocked Susanna looked worried, before adding: “Oh steady! Blimey. Then we would have found out if it was a real river or not.”




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