WE’RE A HARDY BREED: It may be September but brave north Antrim bathers are undeterred!

COLD?...WHAT COLD?...Group braves the north coast waters on a cool September evening.

A COLD September evening may not seem like the ideal time to tackle the rippling currents of the Rathlin Sound … but it didn’t stop this brave bunch!

Passers-by out for an evening stroll along the beach at Ballycastle said it was a sight to behold as more than a dozen young people waded in and stuck it out for several bone-chilling minutes.

A man told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “This was around 8pm one day recently. We counted 19 boys shouting and screaming at the top of their voices presumably because it was very cold – and it was!

“They stayed in the water for quite a while. Don’t know if it was a challenge amongst themselves or not but they certainly caught the eye of the many people walking along the beach at the time.”

Story: Nevin Farrell.



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