Wheels are set in motion for Greenway at Glenravel

Planning approval has been secured for part of what could be a greenway link running the whole way from Ballymena through Glenravel and on to the coast.

The plans by Mid & East Antrim Borough Council for sections of greenway in the Glenravel area have been given permission at a planning meeting.

The path will be around three metres wide with fencing, hedge planting and signage.

A report prepared for councillors said: ‘The development of the proposed greenway paths would represent a significant level of planning gain and offer a sustainable form of development which would encourage walking and cycling rather than private car use.

‘The path when read in conjunction with the overall Glenravel Greenway plans also has the potential to be a tourism asset which could attract people to the area.

‘There would be no significant visual impact with the introduction of native species hedges along the sides of the path provide an appropriate form of landscaping for the area.’

Greenways are traffic-free routes designed for non-motorised use, connecting people and communities for everyday journeys, commuting or leisure and recreation.

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