Would ewe believe it – ‘sheep’ spotted being transported in back of car

EWE-TURN...A 'sheep' is given a lift.

HERD the one about some unusual back seat passengers – hay!

BRAKING EWES…’Sheep’ being transported by unconventional means in north Antrim.


A picture has appeared on social media which appears to show at least one sheep – some people believe there are two sheep – in the back of a car.

WOOL WOOL WOOL WHAT ‘AV WE GOT ‘ERE THEN…’Sheep’ in back of vehicle near Stranocum


The car is pictured at the junction of the Fivey and Moyan Roads near Stranocum.

FRONT PAGE EWES…The picture was captured at Fivey Road near Stranocum as can be seen by Google Maps.


Shearly we can’t be mistaken as there is no pulling the wool over the eyes of north Antrim folk!

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