Airport advises passengers of dangerous items ahead of summer rush

Belfast International Airport is advising passengers to check they are not carrying dangerous items when they turn up for flights during the busy summer holiday season.

Last year, up to fifty items were left in the Disposal Box or detected by airport security staff as passengers made their way to departure gates.

Included in the haul were credit card knives, imitation firearms and mini Kubotan key chain weapons.

In the past ten years, approximately 230 items have been taken away and destroyed.

Belfast International Airport Police say the situation is improving and are urging passengers to double check to ensure they don’t fall foul of the law.

Airport Police Duty Sergeant, James Reynolds, said: “We have a zero tolerance to the carrying of offensive weapons. Passenger safety is our top priority and anyone detected carrying such dangerous weapons will could be prosecuted.

“Airport Police and security staff will maintain high levels of vigilance during the summer rush when almost two million passengers between now and the end August will pass through the Terminal.

“We don’t want to see people getting into trouble, and all we ask is that they check to see what they are taking in their carry-on luggage to avoid any difficulty when they arrive for their flight.”

Belfast International Airport is once again advising passengers on what they can and cannot carry through Central Search.

Marketing and PR Manager, Deborah Harris, said: “We would like to take this opportunity to remind passengers what they can and cannot be take in their hand luggage. Some passengers may not have flown since last year and it’s easy to forget what is permitted.

“All liquids should be 100ml and placed in a 1L plastic resealable bag. If you don’t need it in your hand luggage, place in your hold baggage, if you have any.”

Full details are on their website at and they would encourage all travellers to visit the page to refresh their memory on what can be taken on board.


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