Chief Constable says it is important to send a clear message during the coronavirus pandemic that he is dedicated to protecting his officers from attack

THE PSNI Chief Constable says it is important during the coronavirus pandemic to send a clear message that he is dedicated to protecting his officers.

The PSNI has introduced a new Nine Point Plan to improve the way assaults on police officers and police staff are investigated.

In recent weeks a number of people have claimed they have Covid-19 and deliberately coughed on officers.

Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: “The Plan, which has been in development for some time, places emphasis on ensuring attacks on our people are as thoroughly and robustly investigated as attacks on the public.

“It is about us, as an organisation, fully supporting our officers and staff when they have been subjected to an attack.

“It is a promise to them that we will investigate their attacks rigorously, we will make sure that the right welfare system is in place for them when they need it and we will pursue offenders.

“In these challenging times it is important that officers and staff know that assaults on them should never been seen as ‘just part of the job’.

“It is also important in the current climate to not only send a clear message that we are dedicated to protecting our people, but to demonstrate that we are also steadfast in our commitment to protecting our healthcare workers, other public services and the public.

“Attacks on any of these is an attack on all of us.”

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