Coronavirus: Ulster Unionist Party postpones Annual General Meeting

Steve Aiken

ULSTER Unionist leader Steve Aiken wrote to all Ulster Unionist Party members this week cancelling all party meetings and functions for the foreseeable future while the country deals with Covid-19 pandemic.

The Party’s Annual General Meeting will not now take place on Saturday 28th March and will be rescheduled to later in the year.

Elected representatives will continue to attend necessary Assembly and Local Government sittings whilst adhering to all Public Health Agency advice.

Mr Aiken told party members:“Due to the ongoing health situation, the Chair and Party Leader, in consultation with the Party Officers have regretfully, but understandably, taken the decision to postpone our AGM.

“Having taking advice from our health department, in the current circumstances, all association meetings, branch meetings and fund raising social occasions must be postponed until further notice.

“I encourage all our members to continue to play a positive role in maintaining community spirit and cohesion across Northern Ireland in the weeks and months ahead.

“While it is difficult to put a timescale on the precautionary measures that will have to be put in place, we can anticipate that it may be the autumn before measures around gatherings and public meetings may be relaxed.

“The Executive, Assembly and Local Government will continue to meet and function as necessary, in line with guidance from the Public Health Agency.

“However, it will not be business as usual. All efforts will be focused on providing accurate guidance, information and support to help mitigate and suppress CoVID19, and support businesses and individuals alike in these unprecedented times.

“I would ask all our elected representatives to abide by all information coming from the Minister for Health Robin Swann, his department and the Public Health Agency, including social distancing and washing your hands, as they go about their necessary work.

“Over this period, Party Officers, elected representatives and key management groups will also be meeting using phone, email, and teleconferencing ensuring that the normal functioning of the Party remains. To further protect both you, and our staff, we have instituted contact by phone, mail and email only, from now until the situation changes.

“Despite the challenges that we are facing, we as a Nation will prevail and while the impacts of Covid-19 will be felt for a long time, we must also prepare ourselves for the next few weeks, the next 6 months and for the 18 months period of recovery that will occur.”

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