‘Family discovers almost 80 potentially very hazardous practice bombs’ at beach on Bank Holiday

'Practice bombs' which were found at the beach. Picture: Coleraine Coastguard.

ALMOST 80 ‘practice bombs’ described as ‘potentially very hazardous’ were discovered by a family at a north coast beach on Bank Holiday Monday.

Army Ammunition Technical Officers were called to the Magilligan area.

Police and Coastguard were also in attendance.

One of the objects.


A spokesperson for Coleraine Coastguard said: “The team was tasked after a family had discovered what they suspected was multiple items of ordnance on the foreshore near Balls Point, Magilligan.

“PSNI and Army Disposal Team were requested to attend and the items were confirmed as air-dropped 8 pound practice bombs.

Army Ammunition Technical Officers were called to the scene. Picture: McAuley Multimedia.


“While they were only made of solid metal for practice drops, they would have once contained an explosive smoke marker so were still potentially very hazardous. A total of 78 were collected and taken away.

“The Coastguard are very grateful to the family who found them. They did the right thing in reporting their find. If you find any suspicious objects around the foreshore, dial 999 Coastguard.”

What the items were being used for; how they came to be at the location and how long they have been there did not immediately emerge.

The ordnance looked to be very old going by photographs.

In 2012, a boy escaped injury after lifting up a live World War II mortar shell at a beach at Magilligan.

Army bomb experts were called to the scene and they disposed of the shell.

At the time the Police Service of Northern Ireland said a number of World War II shells had been found in the surrounding area and they warned the public to treat items they find on the coastline with caution.


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