Getting the ‘scoop’ with Purple Earth

MID and East Antrim’s very own ‘scoop shop’ is now in its third month and is leading the way on sustainable shopping.

In August 2019, Julie McFarland set up Purple Earth on King’s Road in Whitehead.

The whole ethos of the new non profit venture is to help educate local residents to make conscious choices about the products you use, food you eat and gifts you buy, so that together we can ensure the earth’s resources are sustainable for future generations.

With an emphasis on ‘plastic free’ and ‘minimal waste’ shopping, there is a wide range of wholefood, household and self-care products, from ethical sources available, including refillable options.

This will help to reduce food waste and be more economical for the consumer.

Julie’s range includes cereals, pulses and beans, right through to confectionary items, tea, coffee, jams and chutneys.

You can also pick up soap and shampoo bars, refill your laundry liquid, washing up liquid and floor cleaner or buy gifts including locally made candles, to name a few.

Julie supports a number of local charities through the scoop shop including Leukaemia and Lymphoma NI and Meningitis Research.

Purple Earth also offers ‘zero waste’ and recycling workshops, aimed at the local community, including residents, schools and playgroups, as well as church, uniformed and community groups. Other themes will include ‘circular economy’, ‘eco-brick’ and ‘save our seas’.

Purple Earth’s aims are strongly linked to Council’s own sustainability commitment, to reduce waste, recycle and to re-use items, where possible.

The Council continues to work with residents and businesses alike in order to meet the European Union target of 50% household recycling by 2020, and 55% household recycling by 2025.

The shop is located at 1 Kings Road, Whitehead. You can check out Purple Earth’s Facebook page ‘PurpleEarthNI’.

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