Kayaker helps rescue man who was being ‘carried out to sea’ after fall from jetski

Donaghadee Lifeboat. Photo: Margaret Ramm.

Donaghdee RNLI volunteer crew launched their all-weather lifeboat this afternoon at the request of UK Coastguard after reports of a person in the water following a jetski incident at Millisle, Co. Down.

At 1.45pm UK Coastguard requested Donaghadee RNLI all-weather lifeboat launched after reports from a member of the public that a person had come off their jetski and was in the water approximately 200 yards from the lagoon in Millisle and being carried further out to sea.

Launching at 1.53pm the volunteers of lifeboat Saxon, made full speed in slight sea conditions with a light northwesterly wind and excellent visibility.

A spokesperson said: “A local kayaker assisted the casualty while the lifeboat was enroute. Two members of the public also attempted to swim out and assist but conditions prevented them from doing so.

“Arriving onscene at 2pm with the inflatable daughter lifeboat at the ready, Saxon got as close as possible in shallow waters with close proximity to rocks, the crew attracted the attention of the kayaker who brought the casualty alongside the lifeboat where he was stabilised and brought onboard.

“He was assessed by a crew member and given casualty care as he was feeling the affects of the cold water. He was transferred to the care of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service in Donaghadee Harbour. Air Ambulance was also on scene.”

Philip McNamara, RNLI Coxswain at Donaghadee, added: “We would not advise the public to attempt a rescue themselves in these situations as it puts them at risk also, the best thing you can do is always dial 999 and ask for the coastguard as quickly as possible.

“We extend our thanks to the kayaker who undoubtedly was instrumental in keeping the gentleman afloat while we were enroute. We cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a properly fitted lifejacket and suitable clothing when going out onto the sea – they can save your life when the unexpected happens. We wish the gentleman a speedy recovery.”


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