Police warn they will stop and challenge anyone thinking of driving to north coast this weekend

Police speaking to drivers in Portrush. Picture: PSNI.

THE PSNI has warned drivers thinking of taking off to the north coast this weekend: ‘Be prepared to be stopped and challenged’.

The message was delivered on the Police Causeway Coast & Glens Facebook page on Saturday along with a photo of officers speaking to motorists in Portrush.

The message said: ‘Officers out in the Portrush area today carrying out vehicle checkpoints, engaging with drivers asking the reason for their journey, explaining the dangers of Covid-19 and encouraging them to social distance and only make essential trips.

‘Thankfully everyone continues to be supportive of our actions and had good reason out be out and about.

‘If your thinking of coming to the North Coast this weekend be prepared to be stopped by police and challenged about your reason for being out and about.

‘Let me tell you, after doing vehicle checkpoints all day and talking to the public, “it’s cold out there” STAY AT HOME where it’s nice and warm. #StayHomeSaveLives

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