Public are encouraged to register electrical appliances

Product safety recalls involving large domestic electrical appliances such as washing machines, fridge/freezers, tumble dryers, have been increasing over the past couple of years and been subject to a lot of media attention.

Some of these recalls have been for some well-known household brands.

The average home has 15 electrical products with around two thirds of these unregistered with the manufacturer, a press release said.

Only those who have registered their appliances can be notified if their product is found to be faulty.

An estimated 268 million appliances are sitting in homes belonging to consumers who have no way of being contacted directly.

The Register My Appliance web portal, designed by AMDEA, is optimised for smartphones to make it quicker and easier to register over sixty leading brands of appliances in one place.

The majority of brands offer registration of products up to at least twelve years old.

Why register?

· Be the first to know of any safety repairs or recalls

· Improve your after sales service

· Keep in touch with upgrade news

· Save money by getting an extended warranty or guarantee period.

How do I register my product?

Registering a product is easy and only takes a few minutes. There are two ways in which you can register:

1. Follow instructions supplied with product

Details on how to register your appliance can be found alongside the product’s instructions for how to operate and maintain it.

2. Register online at the “Register My Appliance” website , which links to all the major electronics manufacturers. Even if you’ve had the item for a while it is still possible to register it.

To register your product, you’ll usually need:

– The brand name;

– The model (usually either a name or a number);

– The serial number;

– The date of purchase (or as near to it as you can remember).

Consumers are encouraged to: visit the GOV.UK Product Recall page for up-to-date information on current recalls.

Anyone with concerns about product safety can call or contact The Environmental Health Department at Mid & East Antrim Borough Council on 028 25633394 or email

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