Safety checks taking place after rockfalls cause disruption at Giant’s Causeway

Boulders have been tumbling down near the Giant's Causeway.

SAFETY checks are taking place at the Giant’s Causeway after rockfalls caused disruption.

The Giant’s Causeway UNESCO World Heritage Site has experienced a number of rockfalls and landslides, as a result of the recent severe weather.

Officials said on Tuesday the visitor centre was operating as normal but that due to safety reasons the easy access bus was not in operation and access to certain areas of the site had been closed.

A spokesperson for the National Trust said: “The main access route below Aird’s Snout leading to the hexagonal causeway stones, known as the Grand, Middle and Little Causeway, has been deemed unsafe and the access to this area via the Shepherd’s Steps is also closed until further notice.

“While the cliff top paths and other trails across the site are currently still accessible for visitors to enjoy the stunning views, we strongly advise everyone to follow the safety messaging and advice from staff at the site for your own safety.

“The above will remain in place until further safety checks are complete. Please check our social media channels for updates. Thank-you for your understanding.”


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