Storey welcomes findings of PSNI inspection

NORTH Antrim MLA and DUP Policing Board Member Mervyn Storey has welcomed the findings of an inspection into the effectiveness of the PSNI.

Responding to the report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) which found that PSNI performance in all areas in 2018 was “good”, Mr Storey said:

“I am pleased that the PSNI has been given a clean bill of health after this latest inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate. In all areas identified PSNI efficiency and effectiveness is graded as ‘good’. The outgoing Chief Constable must be praised on this positive report.

“It is particularly pleasing that inspectors concluded that the PSNI ‘is good at tackling serious and organised crime and responding to the demands of terrorism.’

“They also note that the Service has improved its understanding of current and future demand as well as the threat, harm and risk from rising crime trends such as domestic and sexual abuse, modern slavery and child sexual exploitation.

“The PSNI is also commended for using its budget and resources well. Collectively this points to a police service ready to meet with the challenges of tomorrow as well as today.

“As with all inspections of this kind there is always feedback to be taken onboard and improvements which can be made. In this respect we as a Party remain committed to working with the NIPB PSNI to ensure that these recommendations are implemented and the best possible service is provided to the public.

“It is disconcerting that this inspection report once again highlights challenges coming down the track in terms of loss of officers and experienced investigators. It is estimated that the PSNI loses roughly 5% of officers each year and over the next two years 37% of detectives in crime operations branch will be eligible to retire.

“These are workforce realities which need to be urgently remedied. They cannot and will not be addressed through reverting to the form of institutionalised sectarianism denoted by 50/50 recruitment.

“This inspection report presents a picture of a professional and effective PSNI fit to fight crime and prepared to face down current and future threats to the public.

“It is high time Sinn Fein and others in the nationalist community recognised this fact and provided leadership in their communities by advocating a career in policing.’’

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