Translink supports International Level Crossing Awareness Day

Translink NI Railways will be supporting the 12th International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) on 11th June 2020 to raise awareness around the safe use of level crossings on their network.

This event was established in 2009 through a partnership with railway operators around the world, to educate motorists and pedestrians about the potential risks at level crossings. As in previous years, many countries will be participating in this global event, either by relaying it on their websites or on social media platforms.

Translink’s Level Crossing Risk Coordinator Keith Pollock said: “There are currently 61 public road level crossings and 93 private level crossings in Northern Ireland and the majority of people use them responsibly.

“Safety is our top priority and we want to maintain our high safety standards for our customers, staff and the wider public. People who use railway crossings are reminded to be vigilant at all times, pay attention to warning lights and notices and never attempt to zig-zag around a lowering barrier.

Keith continued: “People can put themselves and others at risk by not using crossings properly. We urge drivers and pedestrians to heed the notices, understand the warnings and stop until it is safe to proceed. We also ask private crossings users to follow the displayed set of rules relating to their specific crossing.

“The key ILCAD safety message for 2020 is ‘Act Safely at Level Crossings’ and this cannot be stressed enough. The current Covid-19 pandemic has placed further pressures on the rail sector, which means there are new challenges to combat every day. NI Railways aims to support and promote ILCAD by reminding crossing users of the importance of crossing safely. Do not take risks to save a few minutes as this could have very serious consequences”.

Keith concluded: “In whatever capacity you are using a crossing, it is extremely important that you follow the crossing rules every time. By working together, we can prevent potentially dangerous incidents on the railway”.

Further information on the ILCAD 2020 campaign can be found at

Public road level crossings safety advice:

• Always follow the instructions on the crossing signs.

• Always obey the warning lights and alarms.

• Never zig-zag around the lowering/lowered barriers.

• Never cause an obstruction on a level crossing.

Private level crossings (normally found on farmland) safety advice:

• Always follow the instructions given on the crossing signs.

• At crossings fitted with a telephone, always phone to check with the operator if there is time to cross when crossing with vehicles or animals- And remember to call back after crossing to inform the operator that the crossing is clear, and the gates are closed.

• Always close and secure the crossing gates promptly after use.

• If there are warning lights fitted, you must never attempt to cross when a red light is displayed.

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