Watch: BREAKING BAAD: ‘Ram raid’ on Credit Union

WOOL I NEVER...The sheep on the 'ram'page.

AND now on the EWE TV…some ‘breaking’ news.

A ‘ram raid’ with a difference led to windows being broken at a Credit Union premises.

Shocking footage of a Ram raid at Ardboe Credit Union this morning

Posted by PSNI Cookstown on Sunday, 8 March 2020


The Ardboe Credit Union captured footage of an incident, in which a ‘ram’paging sheep ran into the premises.

A person gives chase and in a bid to get out the sheep causes damage to a window.

The sheep eventually leaves but not before it smashes another window from the outside.

The footage was posted by the PSNI Cookstown Facebook page with the ‘Benny Hill’ theme tune and by Sunday evening had 50,000 views.


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