£300 worth of cannabis was thrown into undergrowth from car window


A COURT heard a person in a vehicle threw £300 worth of cannabis out a window into undergrowth after police stopped a vehicle.

Brandon McManus (21), of Greystone Park in Limavady, appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court for sentencing in connection with the case after previously pleading guilty to possessing the Class B drug.

The charge relates to July 4 this year.

Defence solicitor Derwin Harvey said despite having 34 previous convictions at the age of 21 a pre-sentence report on the defendant was “exceptionally positive”.

He said the defendant had stopped using “hard” drugs for a period but reverted to smoking cannabis after a substantial period being drug-free.

District Judge Peter King said the “easiest thing” would be to send McManus straight to prison but there would no doubt be a quick return to offending upon release.

In an attempt to try and break the “rotating door” of prison the judge said he was putting the defendant on Probation for a year along with 100 hours of Community Service.

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