Alcoholic said he would leave if he was given £200 but then remained in the area


AN alcoholic told a family member he would leave if he was given £200 and dropped off at a bus stop but despite that being done he stayed in the area, a court heard on Monday.

Aidan McNicholl (34), originally from Garvagh but with an address listed as Newry, admitted breaching a Restraining Order on two consecutive dates last month.

The Order had been imposed at Coleraine Magistrates Court before Christmas preventing the defendant from pestering and harassing his father.

However, the same court was told the defendant phoned his dad “dozens” of times and turned up at his father’s workplace in a drunken state.

His father had allowed McNicholl to stay one night at his home and the defendant said he would go away if he was given £200 and dropped off at a bus stop.

Despite that being done, the defendant had remained in the area and police located him at an “old car”.

The court heard McNicholl claimed he did not realise just how serious it was to breach a Restraining Order but does now.

A defence barrister said the defendant’s dad had very kindly allowed him back to the house for a night.

The lawyer said giving an “alcoholic” £200 was probably one of the “worst things you could do”.

Aidan McNicholl was jailed for a month.

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