Ballymena Court hears man is to contest charge that tractor was driven on motorway

A man from the Ballymena area is to contest a charge which alleges that a tractor was driven on the M2 motorway.

Seamus O’Hara (19), of Moorfields Road, is charged in relation to May 18 this year.

The charge is listed as ‘driving classified vehicle on special road’.

The particulars of the charge are that at the ‘Larne Link off-slip drove on the M2 motorway a vehicle, a tractor, which was classified in Schedule 1 to the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993, contrary to Article 20(4) of the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993’.

The case was mentioned at Ballymena Magistrates Court, sitting in Antrim, and adjourned to October.

Defence barrister Stephen Law told the court: “That will be a contested matter”.

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