Ballymena Court hears man punched partner in face and there was also an allegation of biting

Ballymena Court

A MAN who punched his then partner in the face before an alleged biting incident has been given a five months jail sentence.

Mark McCormack (35), with an address listed as the Glenarm Road area of Larne, was sentenced at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday on charges of assault and causing criminal damage to household items on November 17 last year.

The court heard the defendant had 54 previous convictions and at one stage, according to a defence lawyer, had “left Larne under a threat”.

A prosecutor said that at around one o’clock in the morning on November 17 police received a report of an incident involving McCormack and his partner.

The partner said she had been grabbed by the throat, punched in the face and reference was also made to a “bite” on her arm.

The defence lawyer said the defendant had gone to his partner’s home to get his house keys which were in her house.

The court heard £255 worth of damage was caused to flooring and a hall table.

The defence lawyer said the defendant had “anger issues”.

The lawyer said it had been “abhorrent behaviour”.

He said the couple were now “estranged” but that on the date in question they had been out in Larne.

The lawyer said McCormack had drink taken and when he admitted he also had taken “illicit drugs” the couple had “fallen out”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said he was “not impressed” with the facts of the case.
He told the court: “This is a bad case of domestic violence”.

He said the defendant had grabbed his partner’s throat; punched her on the face; there was a kick and a “bite or attempted bite”.

As well as the jail sentence, McCormack was also given a two year Restraining Order.

Bail was fixed for appeal.

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