Ballymena Court hears man who stole inflatable swimming pool is barred from entering any Lidl store in Northern Ireland

A MAN who stole an inflatable swimming pool worth £35 in Larne last summer has been barred from every Lidl store in Northern Ireland, Ballymena Magistrates Court was told on Thursday.

Robert Orderley (37), of The Roddens, Larne, took the inflatable from Lidl at the end of last June, prompting District Judge Nigel Broderick to ask, as the facts were being outlined, if it had been “for a summer swim or something?”

The defendant also took a heater and bottles of vodka worth £69 from the Larne Lidl in November, and a twenty pack of Carlsberg worth £13 from Tesco in Larne last December.

Defence barrister Neil Moore said the defendant “struggles with issues” and used drink as a “crutch” and said Orderley had intended to sell on the pool and heater to get money for alcohol.

Mr Moore said the defendant also struggles to make up a shortfall in Housing Benefit.

The defence lawyer told the court Orderley was “certainly a pest” for store owners but a Probation report made for “quite tragic reading” and provided a “very sad insight”.

The court heard the inflatable theft was caught on CCTV.

When the defendant took the Carlsberg he had initially left a bank card behind saying he would be back but he didn’t return.

The pool was recovered and was fit for re-sale but the other items were not and the defendant was ordered to pay compensation of £82.

A prosecutor said Lidl had barred the defendant from entering all their Northern Ireland shops.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said a Probation report suggested Orderley, who had a previous record, would not benefit from being in jail due to his “fragile mental health”.

Handing down a three months prison sentence, suspended for a year, and putting him on Probation for a year, the judge said if the defendant continued to offend the court would have no option but to jail him.

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