Ballymena Court hears Romanian man caught at Larne Harbour has breached Deportation Order four times

A ROMANIAN man caught four times in the UK in breach of a Deportation Order has been given a suspended jail term after coming to the attention of the authorities at Larne Harbour in recent days.

Stefan Adrian Lipan (27), with an address given as Bucov in Romania, admitted illegally entering the UK on Wednesday January 22.

He appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court where a prosecutor said police had cause to speak to the defendant at Larne Harbour and a Home Office check then established he was already the subject of a Deportation Order.

No details were given to the court as to the reason for his original deportation but it was heard the Order had been signed in 2018 when Lipan was sent back to Romania.

However, he was then discovered in Inverness in Scotland last year and despite being removed again he next came to attention at Holyhead in Wales.

He was subsequently spotted in Yorkshire at Halloween last year and removed again.

The court was told that after the latest incident, at Larne, the defendant will again be sent back home.

District Judge Nigel Broderick asked: “What keeps drawing him back to these shores?”

A defence solicitor said the defendant’s mother lives in Dundee and that was the “sole purpose” of his visit on this occasion.

The lawyer said Lipan was “anxious” to get back to Romania as he works in the construction business and was the “breadwinner” for his wife and two children back in his homeland.

The solicitor said this was the first time the defendant had appeared in court in relation to the four Deportation Order breaches.

Through an interpreter, the judge told the defendant he had to “obey” the Deportation Order.

The defendant was given a three months jail term, suspended for three years.

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