Ballymena Court hears woman on dance floor was struck with glass thrown by drunk man

Ballymena Magistrates Court

A WOMAN on a dance floor in Ballymena was struck above the eye and may be left with “residual scarring” after a drunk man recklessly threw glass over his shoulder, the town’s Magistrates Court was told.

Stuart Kyle (23), with an address listed as Quarry Heights in Ahoghill, pleaded guilty to a charge of ‘unlawfully and maliciously’ wounding the woman in an incident on January 6, 2018.

A prosecutor said witnesses said Kyle had a smashed glass in his hand and he threw it over his shoulder without looking and it struck the woman at the dance floor.

The defendant told police he would never strike a woman and couldn’t remember throwing glass.

He also denied he had been in a “bad mood”.

A defence barrister said the defendant wished to “unreservedly apologise” to the woman, whom he knows.

The lawyer added: “She was just the unfortunate person who was on the receiving end of his reckless act”.

He said the defendant had a previously clear record and felt “disgraced” by what happened and the incident had “weighed very heavily” on him.

The lawyer said Kyle had been drunk and had thrown “slivers or chunks of glass over his shoulder”.

The barrister said it had been a “bizarre” incident for which there was “no rationale”.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was a “somewhat unusual case” but it was a “serious matter”.

He said it appeared the defendant had broken the glass and “extremely recklessly” then picked up the pieces of the glass which were thrown over his shoulder.

The judge said it could have hit anyone but that was “cold comfort” to the woman who was struck above her eye and may have “some residual scarring”.

The defendant was given a six months jail term, suspended for two year.

The judge also ordered Kyle to pay £300 compensation to the victim and said that sum was in no way a reflection of the injuries sustained.

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