Ballymena man allegedly threatened to petrol bomb his mum’s home and ‘knife to death’ her partner


A BALLYMENA man who allegedly threatened to petrol bomb his mother’s house and kill her partner was refused bail after at court on Christmas Eve.

Adam Wilson (22), of Rathmore Heights, is accused of making a threat to kill; making a threat to damage property; disorderly behaviour; assaulting his mother; assault on police and resisting police.

The charges relate to December 20.

Antrim Magistrates Court was told the defendant came home drunk and was being aggressive towards his mother who he was calling names.

He then allegedly said that if police were called he would petrol bomb the house and that he would go upstairs and “knife” his mum’s partner “to death”.

Police arrived and when arrested Wilson was extremely aggressive and irate and kneed a male officer in the groin area and struck another while calling them “f–king pig b-stards”.

Police were told the defendant had taken a number of tablets – believed to be Lyrica – and Wilson was taken to hospital.

A police officer opposed bail saying there had been a number of breaches of bail and on one occasion a tag had been cut off.

Bail was refused and the case was adjourned to Ballymena Magistrates Court on January 16.

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