Bouncer caught doing ‘110mph’ in early hours claimed he panicked and ‘put foot down’ when vehicle followed him – but it was the police

A general view on Google Maps of the area where the speeding offence was detected.

A bouncer who drove at up to 110mph claimed he panicked and “put the foot down” when a vehicle began following him on the dual-carriageway between Antrim and Ballymena in the early hours.

However, the other car was an unmarked police vehicle which caught up with the motorist after he had initially overtook the officers at speed.

Whilst keeping up with the vehicle in front police estimated the speed on their speedometer to be 105-110mph.

Samuel McKay (36), of Kintyre Park in Ballymena, appeared at Antrim Magistrates Court today and admitted speeding in a 70mph zone.

The offence was detected on the Lisnevenagh Road near Tannaghmore at 1.50am on Sunday April 14 this year.

A defence lawyer said the defendant worked part-time as a doorman in Belfast and was on his way home at a time of the morning when traffic was light.

When he saw another vehicle “making ground” on him he panicked and “put the foot down” but when police put their flashing lights on he immediately stopped, the lawyer said.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said one thing saving the defendant from being banned was that it was an estimated speed and not a ‘laser’ detection.

The judge also accepted what what would otherwise have been a one month ban would impact on the defendant’s necessity to be able to drive in connection with a family member.

The defendant was spared a ban but given six penalty points and fined £200.

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