Burglar stole motion-sensor camera but it had already beamed images of him to householder

Shaun Leitch.

A burglar stole a camera which seconds before recorded him entering a dwelling in Ballymena.

The camera was movement-activated and it sent images to the householder who was out.

The pictures showed Shaun William Leitch (32), of Ballyclug Mews, Ballymena, struck at a neighbouring property at 8.07am on April 26 this year.

As well as the camera an X-Box was stolen.

When arrested Leitch spat on the back of a custody detention officer at a police station.

Leitch appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court via video link from Maghaberry Prison on Thursday and was given a four months jail term on charges of burglary and assault.

The court heard he entered the property by removing a board.

A defence lawyer claimed the door was not property secured.

The barrister alleged the background to the offence had been a falling out between another person and the occupant of the burgled property.

District Judge Nigel Broderick told the defendant domestic burglaries “are a serious matter” but that thankfully motion-sensor CCTV had been set up and that led to Leitch’s detection.

The judge said the incident happened at a time when Leitch had been on bail for other matters.

Judge Broderick ordered that the defendant, who had 44 previous convictions, should start the four months sentence after he serves a current period of imprisonment.

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