Court hears woman was verbally abusive to staff at Nadine’s Diner in Ballymena…and then she nipped a police officer

Nadine's Diner

A DRUNK woman who was verbally abusive towards staff at Nadine’s Diner in Ballymena directed more abuse at police and slapped and nipped a female officer.

Heather Elizabeth McKeown (54), of Meadowlands in Antrim, was at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday for sentencing on charges of disorderly behaviour and assault on police which she previously pleaded guilty to.

The incident happened at Wakehurst Road in Ballymena on January 7 this year.

An earlier court heard the defendant had received a suspended sentence last year at a court in Belfast for another matter.

At Ballymena Court this week it was heard that since the Ballymena incident there had been no further offending and the defendant had been to see Community Addictions.

District Judge Nigel Broderick told the defendant: “It is quite clear your behaviour was totally unacceptable”.

She was given a five months prison term suspended for one year for the Ballymena offences and the judge also reactivated the previous suspended sentence of four months to run for a year from the date of Thursday’s Court.

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