Distinctive facial tattoo meant already banned driver was ‘instantly recognisable’ to passing police patrol

Lee Redmond

A man with a distinctive facial tattoo was “instantly recognisable” to a passing police patrol as he drove a vehicle whilst disqualified, a court has heard.

Lee Redmond (34), with an address at Hopefield Gardens in Portrush, was detected at the wheel of a Ford Kuga in the town on May 1 this year, Coleraine Magistrates Court was told.

Officers lost sight of the vehicle but later were waiting for him at his home.

When he pulled in he admitted he had been using the vehicle without the consent of the owner.

A prosecutor said Redmond was remorseful for wasting police time and “helpful” during the investigation.

A defence solicitor said the defendant had driven 200 yards to a cash machine.

The solicitor said the defendant had a facial tattoo which was a “work of art” but which made him “instantly recognisable” to the passing police patrol.

As well as pleading guilty to driving whilst disqualified, the defendant also admitted taking the vehicle without authority; absence of insurance and failing to wear a seat belt.

District Judge Peter King said a pre-sentence report showed the defendant had regretted his behaviour.

The defendant was given a four months prison term, suspended for two years; was banned from driving for two years and was fined £75.

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