Drunk man stumbled through crowds and then squared up to police at Auld Lammas Fair

Crowds at the Lammas Fair .

A DRUNK man who was stumbling through crowds at the Auld Lammas Fair in Ballycastle squared up to and swore at police who approached him about his behaviour, Coleraine Magistrates Court was told on Monday.

Andrew William Stanfield (33), of Drumtarsey Court in Coleraine, pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly behaviour in relation to Monday August 26 this year.

Defence solicitor Garrett Greene said the defendant had “over-indulged” and accepts he should not have behaved in the manner which led him to court.

District Judge Peter King noted Stanfield had 40 previous convictions and said the current charge “seems to be a case of much too much to drink during the Lammas Fair celebrations”.

The defendant was fined £250.

The same court heard that Joseph George John Gentle (34), of Gilpinstown, Lurgan, is charged with being disorderly in Ballycastle on August 26 this year.

In his absence at court a police officer said she believed she could connect him to the charge.

That case was adjourned to the same court on September 27 and Judge King said if there was no appearance there would be an arrest warrant.

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