Drunk man who had gone back on booze after five year gap urinates at beach in full view of public

The incident happened in the Portballintrae area. Picture: Google Maps.

POLICE received a report of a man who who was drunk and disorientated and who urinated in full view of members of the public in the area of the beach at Portballintrae.

A Ballybogey man has pleaded guilty to charges including disorderly and indecent behaviour at Beach Road.

Andrew Hank Millar (38), of Ballindreen Road, also admitted possessing cannabis and assaulting a police officer on the same date – October 4 this year.

Coleraine Magistrates Court, on Monday, was told police searched the defendant and found cannabis and a grinder and he shouted and swore loudly when arrested and began to “kick off” in the back of a police car.

The vehicle had to stop for officers to restrain the defendant who then kicked an officer on the arm and chest.

When interviewed he said he felt he had been “manhandled” and couldn’t remember urinating or shouting at police.

Defence solicitor was Derwin Harvey said the defendant now had no criticism of the police but at the time Millar did not know how he came to be in the police station.

The lawyer said the defendant was a chronic alcoholic who up until the events in October had been sober for five years.

The court heard the defendant had “never slept, effectively for a full month” and the day before the events before the court he had been drinking and when he woke up on October 4 ordered a taxi and got drink and cannabis and went “straight to the beach”.

Mr Harvey said the defendant deeply regrets his actions and was dismayed that he had struck a police officer.

The judge said Millar was assessed as a “medium likelihood” of re offending but he hoped that risk could be reduced with Community Service and Probation.

The defendant was ordered to do 60 hours of Community Service and put on Probation for a year with a condition that he must participate in any programme as desired.

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