Drunken busker fell asleep on street during Open Golf Championship and was verbally abusive to police when he woke up

A DRUNKEN busker who fell asleep at Portrush Main Street at five o’clock in the afternoon during The Open golf championships has been fined £250 for directing a “barrage of verbal abuse” at police when he woke up.

Christopher Anthony Woods (54), of Pennythorn Court in Derry/Londonderry, came to the attention of the PSNI on July 19 this year, Coleraine Magistrates Court was told.

The defendant was present in the dock and pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly behaviour.

A prosecutor said police found Woods was “heavily intoxicated” and he acted very aggressively when spoken to by officers and continued to shout abuse in earshot of passers-by.

Defence solicitor Paddy McGurk said: “He was busking down in Portrush at the time of the Open Golf Championship.”

The lawyer said that “unfortunately” Woods had fallen asleep and when police came along to move him on he “reacted in a very unsavoury way”.

Mr McGurk said the defendant could be “very cantankerous” with alcohol taken.

District Judge Peter said The Open golf championship was a “humongous success” and there had been very few, if any, court summons or charges coming before him in connection with the event.

He told the defendant he had been the first, and he suspected, the only person that would come before the court for such an incident at The Open.

Judge King told Woods, who had a previous record, the police had been trying to assist him and then received a “barrage of verbal abuse”.

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