Husband and wife on ‘Doomsday’ terror charges have case further adjourned

Robert and Natasha Templeton

A husband and wife, who face ‘Doomsday’ terror-related charges have had their case further adjourned.

Robert James Templeton (33) and Natasha Templeton, a classroom assistant, (31), both of Cladytown Road at Glarryford are Christians and were allegedly preparing for ‘End times’ a previous court heard heard.

A defence lawyer previously said there had been a sermon a number of months ago at a church in the Ballymena area “about a Doomsday scenario” in which church-goers were encouraged “to stock their cupboards” with food.

As well as a large quantity of chemicals, which police believe were for making “home made explosives,” there were also items found in the couple’s home for making “improvised explosive devices” and “pipe bombs”.

Other items found at the property included ammunition, swords, knives, axes, balaclavas, walkie-talkies and a book entitled ‘US Army Improvised Munitions Handbook’.

The case was originally mentioned in July.

The couple face a range of charges including possessing items and information useful for committing terrorism.

The couple appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday and had their cases further adjourned.

Robert Templeton, who appeared via video link from prison, was remanded in continuing custody and Natasha Templeton, who was in the courtroom, was given continuing bail.

No further details were given to Thursday’s court and the case was adjourned to the end of August.

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