‘Important’ job saves woman from longer driving ban

Ballymena Court.

A judge said if was not for the “importance” of a woman’s job as a care worker he would have banned her from driving for longer for using a vehicle without insurance.

District Judge Nigel Broderick was speaking at Ballymena Magistrates Court on April 18 when he banned Charley Mitchell (21), of Craigstown Meadow, Larne, from the road for two weeks and fined her £300.

Police on patrol at Ballypollard Road in Magheramorne on January 22 this year spotted the defendant using an uninsured Volkswagen Golf.

The court heard the insurance had been cancelled on January 10 after a direct debit failure and the defendant “took a risk” by getting behind the wheel.

A defence solicitor said the defendant did not have the plastic part of her licence because it had been in the car which had been seized and destroyed following the insurance detection.

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