Intoxicated man ‘woke up in police station with no memory of what he had done’

AN intoxicated man claimed he woke up in a police station and rang a bell to ask officers what he had done because he had no memory.

Ryan Stirling (18), with an address listed as Laurel Avenue in Coleraine but who told Coleraine Magistrates Court on June 17 he is intending to go and live in the Lighthouse Hostel in Ballymena, committed offences on May 11 this year.

On the date in question the defendant was disorderly at the Simon Community at Lodge Road in Coleraine where he was shouting and swearing and kicking a door at 1.55am.

A woman alleged she had been punched on the head. The assault was captured on CCTV.

When arrested the defendant refused to calm down.

He pleaded guilty to charges of common assault and disorderly behaviour.

When interviewed, Stirling said due to his level of intoxication he had no memory of what happened.

Defence solicitor Sam Barr said the defendant said he woke up in the police station and rang a bell to ask officers what he had done as he couldn’t recall what happened.

The court heard Stirling had gone to the Simon Community to “remonstrate” with his former partner.

The lawyer said the incident had caused the defendant “considerable disquiet”.

Stirling had been in custody for several weeks on remand and he was given a three months prison term, suspended for a year.

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