Judge says Community Service may give ‘self respect’ to drunk man found unconscious in middle of road with knives

Ballymena Courthouse

A JUDGE said 150 hours of Community Service may give “self respect” to a drunk man who was found lying unconscious in the middle of a road with two large knives.

Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne said the unpaid work meant Samuel Thomas Kennedy Adair (28), of Staffa Drive in Ballymena, would also be “giving something back” to the community.

The defendant admitted the one charge he faced – possessing an article with a blade in a public place.

The charge said Adair had two knives in the vicinity of Moat Road in Ballymena on September 29 this year.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court police received a report from a member of the public of a male lying in the middle of a road.

When police arrived they found the defendant very drunk and there were two knives measuring 20cms and 30cms, one of which was in his coat.

The defendant told police he had no memory of what happened after he had been at a house party where he had been drinking heavily.

A defence solicitor said the items were kitchen knives.

He said Adair “thinks somebody spiked his drink”.

Judge Browne said the defendant was a “high nuisance value” and added: “He is really squandering his life but causing a lot of problems for other people along the way”.

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