Judge says Fairhill Shopping Centre car park incident was ‘very nasty’

A JUDGE said it was “very nasty” that a motorist struck and damaged another vehicle with her vehicle whilst attempting to park at the Fairhill Shopping Centre and then left without saying anything.

District Judge Nigel Broderick was speaking as 50-year-old Sinead Robinson of Aughaboy Road in the Carnalbanagh area was given five penalty points and fined £400.

She had pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to remain and report an accident which happened on June 16 last year.

A prosecutor said damage was caused to the door of a vehicle and when police viewed CCTV they could see another vehicle attempting to park before it moved and parked somewhere else.

A defence solicitor said her client was in a large vehicle and it was not immediately apparent there had been a collision.

The lawyer said there had been “no room” to get out because of the size of the vehicle and the defendant left to go to another space and with hindsight she she should have checked what had happened.

The solicitor said there was no damage to the defendant’s vehicle.

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