Judge tells man he will have to ‘move somewhere else’ if he wants to self-medicate with cannabis

Ballymena Court

A JUDGE told a man who claimed he was using cannabis for pain relief he would have to “move somewhere else” if he wishes such a practice to be legal.

He was speaking to 29-year-old Gareth Ewart Marshall at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The court heard police spoke with the defendant, of Glenburn Park in Glynn, in the Larne area on December 12 last year.

They smelt cannabis and the defendant handed over a small quantity of the drug.

A further search uncovered 14 grammes of the Class B drug and a partially smoked joint in a vehicle and other associated items were found in a follow-up house search.

The defendant told police he bought the drug in bulk every month at £10 per gramme and usually bought it in 14 gramme quantities and the drugs were for his own use.

At court he pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis.

Defence solicitor Sara Edge said the defendant had health difficulties and experienced a lot of pain and “took matters into his own hands” by getting cannabis for pain relief.

The judge said: “He will have to move somewhere else for it to be legal.You can’t self-medicate with an illegal drug. If you are caught again it will not be a fine”.

The defendant was fined £200.

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