Judge unimpressed after drunk man allows over limit man to drive car

Ballymena Court

A JUDGE said he was unimpressed with a drunk man who allowed another man with drink onboard to drive his car.

District Judge Nigel Broderick was speaking at Ballymena Magistrates Court where Dean Lee Robinson (36), of Killyglen Road, Larne, was banned from driving for two months and fined £200 for permitting another man to drive his BMW without insurance.

A prosecutor said that at 1am on December 20 last year police had occasion to look for the defendant’s vehicle and it was located in the Riverdale area of Larne.

The vehicle drove off but when police stopped the vehicle offences came to light.

A previous court heard the driver was two and a half times the drink drive limit and he was given a 16 months road ban and a £300 fine.

Regarding Robinson, a defence solicitor said on the night in question he felt he was “a little bit the worse for wear with drink” and he thought the other man was in “better” position to drive than he was.

The solicitor said it had been an “error of judgment” and Robinson “didn’t realise the other character was as drunk as he was”.

Judge Broderick said he was “not impressed” as Robinson was drunk and the other person he got to drive was “equally intoxicated”.

The defendant had bail fixed for appeal in the sum of £500 and he is allowed to drive in the mean time.

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